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Monday, January 23rd, 2017

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My Favorite XXX Cartoon and Adult Comics Sites

Crazy XXX 3D World
Amazingly high-quality site in the 3d adult comics genre. Exclusive home of world-famous 3d artist Jag27, plus many other super talents - Poochy, Epoch & more. If you like 3d adult comics series this site is AWESOME!!
Adult Comics Club
High quality and very stylish adult comics. You really need to check out their HUGE archive of comics - over 200,000 pages and growing with large updates happening every couple days. Large manga, doujin, and anime movies sections as well. Adult Comics Club is a MUST SEE SITE for all adult comics and erotic art fans!
Comixxx Archive
THOUSANDS of sex-filled comics ranging from softcore to deepthroat blowjobs, to anal fucking, to bdsm, from the medieval period to sci fi. XXX Comics Fan? This site is HUGE!
H.I.P. Comix
Highly original, "indie" 3D adult comics website dedicated to superheroine bondage comics and stories. They have a HUGE Free samples area where you can check out their archived and current works - this part of the site is bigger than some paysites members' areas! If you like seeing busty superheroines all bound up and naked this site will be paradise for you.
Manga HQ
MASSIVE library of Japanese manga sex comics in English & Japanese.
3D Gay World
From the makers of Crazy XXX 3D World, 3D Gay World features hilarious original stories, lots of big floppy cocks and wild gay sex in the best damn 3d gay artwork and comics series you can find on the Internet!
Darkest Comics
Large BDSM/Fetish Comics Collection - dark, painful, sadistic BDSM comics - intense stories and artwork, and highly erotic!
Top-notch XXX Hentai DVD Movies in the traditional 'wide-eyed' Japanese hentai anime style. Perfect anime girls getting fucked every way imaginable. Movies have English subtitles. Pretty hot!

Naughty adult comics featuring Princess Morphs and bad boy Bonan's boner – art and story by Lemon Lure

Hi again all you raunchy adult xxx comix fans!

Look no further! Indulge your fantasies with Bonan and Morph in this zany sample xxx comix courtesy of Bonan is a real hunk and Morphs is a ball breaker in disguise as you`ll find out in this fun adult comics sample.

All you big tits, cocksuckers and ass fucking fans will get off on this racey xxx adult comix from

Bonan gets the blow job of his life. Fuck – that little princess slut knows how to suck boners – bet she didn’t learn that at the palace!

Sucking dick brings out Princess Morphs dark side! What kind of revenge has Bonan got in store for the fucking crazy forest hag!

Find out by checking out the 3d adult comics sample below and then connect to for hours of fun and fucking.

Posted: Sun, 26 Sep 2010 01:13:19 -0400

Gargoyle gives it to Jewel - he’s a slime ball but he is nicely hung and aims to please!

Hi all you naughty adult comics lovers! On rainy days I visit to fill up time and I wanna let you in on a secret - adult comics porn is a shitload better than the real thing!

I was just watching this hardcore adult comix sample from featuring fairy Jewel and Gargoyle boy toy.

Here’s the scene description from

“The fairy Jewel took a little trip to the hill fountain to quench her thirst, unbeknownst to her that the seemingly inanimate gargoyle atop the water fountain was keeping watch. Now Jewel is about to find out that gargoyles need love, too, as she pleases him every way he wants.”

I wasn't born yesterday! With a hard on like that Gargoyle isn't looking for love! He just wants a good hard fuck!

First time I’ve see a Gargoyle screw - what a thrust! His balls tremble with every hard stroke of his stiff dick. I love to watch Gargoyle pump her innocent little Jewel. I bet he hasn’t fucked a cunt that cute for ages!

Poor little Jewel – she’s so damn innocent! At first she looks confused but she literally glows when she sees Gargoyle's stiff snake. Wait till she sees him cum! Is nothing sacred – next thing Bambi and Thumper are going to be banging in a adult comix.

So watch the free sample xxx adult comics video clip below and head into and get caught up in a wild fairy tail fantasy.

Posted: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 18:00:53 -0400

Top notch naughty adult xxx comix club – World of Neverquest – Book 7 - Story & Art by MARAH IAFEW

If this concept is new to you look no further. is definitely one of the hottest adult comix sites online!

The sample gallery below was created by MARAH JAFEW and it will chill your bone! Here’s the description from

"The party is back once again, tackling vampires, skeletons, and now a new enemy. The necromancer seeks to take from them something they themselves have just acquired; a real player.

Yes, a person of flesh and blood and cum has been thrust into the game world. Now the party reluctantly seeks to send her back, but the Necromancer has his own plans. Join us for another tale of action, excitement... oh and plenty of sex”.

I’ve been promoting adult porn for years and trust me I know the best sites to touch on.

Whatever kink you’re into has it – pages and pages of big ass fetishes – big cocks, little cocks, big tits, little tits, hardcore anal sex, oral sex, demon and voyeur worship, pregnant bitches, sci-fi and aliens. You name it - is into it!

Don't waste your time - get into the minds of the xxx adult comix artists. Don’t take my word for it – check out the free sample comix below and go to to catch up on Books 1-7 of Neverquest. Go silly – silly!

Posted: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 15:16:30 -0400

Free site featuring Darth Dangler’s huge weiner
handed to you Courtesy Crazy XXX 3D World

A warm welcome to all you hot adult comics fans. Another naughty xxx comix featuring drawings and stories by the incredible JAG27.

Here’s an intro to the 'Fall of Innocence' at by the talented JAG27:

“What happens at Doris' house... stays at Doris' house, right? Maybe not. Harold finds himself in some serious shit... but not necessarily the bad kind... at least not yet. Meanwhile --- WHAT'TH-FUCK?!? Don't ask... Miranda finds herself squaring off against the infamous Darth Dangler. I told you... don't fuck'in ask. Just go with it man... just go with it... and try not to pee yourself laughing. Sorry... I had some cool helmets and I couldn't help myself. Enjoy the funk as always!"

Will Darth's fucking, trampy little Jedi girlfriend show up and screw it all up? Will Darth Dangler force his enormous weiner into the dark side of the force?. After you check out the free site at the gallery below press this link go to and dive into the meat of this quality comics series.

Posted: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 19:06:19 -0400

One of the best and hottest adult comics sites on the Internet - Adult Comics Club

Helllllo adult comics fans,

There's one adult comics site that I REALLY think you should take a look at if you consider yourself a die-hard adult comics fan - it's called Adult Comics Club, a site converting surfers to paid members more frequently than any other site I promote!

Adult Comics Club has been around for awhile but you may not have heard of it before as it isn't heavily advertised. Unlike some of the larger (more frequently promoted) adult comics paysites, there aren't any filler comics here which is surprising considering there are over 200,000 pages of adult comics and other erotic artworks to view here!

The site isn't limited to just adult comics, there are also large sections devoted to mangas, full-length anime movies, and doujin - over 50 GIGS of top-notch erotic artworks that can be downloaded and enjoyed immediately.

Visit Adult Comics Club here - trust me you won't regret it. There are plenty of free samples to view as well if you're not ready to pick up a membership.

Posted: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 18:22:03 -0400

Free site featuring samples from EPOCH's 'Tryst' courtesy Crazy XXX 3D World

Hey there adult comics fans,

Here's a free site for you featuring the work of one of the most popular 3d adult artists on the 'Net, EPOCH, who's probably best known for his epic 'Freehope'.

The site is called Best Adult Comics and has samples from his latest awesome comic 'Tryst' which tells the tale of a beautiful, big-titted princess and her sexual adventures while searching for her true love.

Check out the free site here, there are also lots of thumbs from other top-quality adult comics series that might pique your interest!

Oh, and site was made by yours truly. ;-)

Posted: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 06:24:04 -0400

New adult comics / hentai links directory -

Hey there adult comics lovers,

Big news for the webmaster here - and perhaps in time for other erotic art fans. I've started a new adult comics / hentai links directory called Comixxxfan!

Right now there aren't many links to choose from - just sites I've made myself mostly. However there's also a good amount of high-quality membership sites - toons, hentai anime, adult comics, shemale cartoons are some of the niches - that you might be interested in.

Whatever your favorite erotic art genre, there's probably a quality site or three you haven't seen before. So adult comics lovers and hentai fans head on over to and check out some excellent erotic art sites you never knew existed.

Posted: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 08:36:29 -0500

New 3d erotic art paysite review - "CG Hotties" from Adult Art Network

Hello adult comics fans,

Here's a brief review of a new 3d erotic art paysite that sprung up fairly recently from the folks at Adult Art Network, best known for their adult comics repository site Comixxx Archive. Their latest creation is upon first glance VERY impressive and it's another entry into the 3d erotic art niche, called CG Hotties.

For those who aren't familiar with the term "CG", it essentially means "computer-generated" or computer-assisted drawings. It doesn't make the artwork any less sexy, in fact it allows erotic artists to use today's technology to create fantastically sexy and life-like images.

That's what I'm seeing so far in the CG Hotties members' area, some really amazing 3d pinup girls in a distinctive style that's about halfway between wide-eyed Japanese anime and traditional life-like 3d models. Check out the banner below for an idea of the type of artwork:

CG Hotties has been well-stocked with content with nearly 300 galleries almost all of it of a premium quality, plus the site is being updated daily.

I dunno about you but I find those drawings above to be terrificly sexy. The full images are even better!

Click here to take a tour of CG Hotties for yourself and enjoy the latest generation of online erotic art. In my opinion CG Hotties is definitely worth a look!

Posted: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 02:05:49 -0500

More adult comics/hentai blogs from the adult comics lover

Greeting adult comics fans!

This busy webmaster has created a few new blogs for adult comics and hentai fans.

The first, and probably the funnest blog I'll be working on, is a blog dedicated to a little-known but EXCELLENT 3D Adult Comics site called Heroines in Peril Comix or H.I.P. Comix!  I *had* planned a few posts back to dedicate this blog (at to HIPcomix, but as the main top 'advertisement' on that site goes to one of their best competitors in the 3D adult comics niche, it felt kind of funny to ask the HIPcomix artists for interviews and such (ie. blog content) - given that HIPcomix didn't even get the top billing on the site. So now I've created a new blog almost 100% dedicated to H.I.P. Comix which you can find at

For those adult comics fans out there who haven't heard of H.I.P. Comix - go on, immediately, to either my new blog or to the HIPcomix site itself - it's a truly great site for adult comix fans! I won't mention much more about it here as I've already done so in prior posts, or you can just check my new blog and get a good idea of what HIPcomix is all about. (Or check out the issue covers shown on the top right sidebar of the blog here.)

The other blog I've started up is a Hentai Movies blog which might be of interest to those who have happened upon this site looking for Japanese hentai. It's another genre of erotic artworks I quite enjoy, as I appreciate the quality of the art, as well as have a few laughs at the somewhat comical Japanese hentai movie themes that get repeated OVER and OVER and OVER again... (virgin anime girl gets fucked for the first time by boyfriend, says it hurts please stop, then soon she discovers she really likes it, soon having multiple screaming orgasms, begging for more, etc.)

So visit my new hentai blog at Hentai DVD Movies if you think you might enjoy such stuff. (Don't get me wrong, the animation is very well done, and the scenes are invariably pretty arousing.)

That's it for now adult comix fans, catch you all later.

Posted: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 06:54:50 -0500

BDSM/Fetish Comics fan? A brief review of Darkest Comics

Greetings fellow adult comics lover!

In case you hadn't read my last few entries, I've been branching out into other genres of erotic artworks and have started a few new adult comics blogs. I've been considering also starting a BDSM comics blog devoted exclusively to art from this somewhat darker and more sadistic genre. So I recently asked the management group who runs the BDSM/fetish artworks site Darkest Comics for a temporary members' pass, to see if this site is worth promoting... and it was granted! So I've had a chance to poke around the site a bit and overall I think it's pretty good!

The quality of their feature drawings is EXTREMELY high, and very varied as there are works from around 20 prominent BDSM/fetish artists. You may have heard of a few of the names - Gary Roberts (although there are just a handful of drawings from him), Hines, De Haro, Yasuda.

The 'More Art' and 'More Comics' section of Darkest Comics actually contains the bulk of the BDSM/fetish artwork here, containing 13 full pages of fetish and generally darker-style adult comics, each page containing 12 different comics strips / series (some of which are scans of actual print BDSM adult comics). This stuff is of a somewhat lesser-quality than the above featured artists, although still very high.

So, the Darkest Comics site itself features the plentiful BDSM/fetish artworks as mentioned above. Unfortunately it has not been updated since 2006! To compensate, membership to Darkest Comics also grants access to many of the other sites in their network, including Femdom Chronicles (which has limited but EXTREMELY good femdom art) and Hencore which has a large collection of hentai-style erotic art. You also get access to a GoldXPass network which looks to be an AVS-type-system granting further access to literally 100's of smaller BDSM art sites.

Overall there's lots of arousing and spine-tingling, even shocking BDSM/fetish artworks to see, and I feel comfortable recommending Darkest Comics to fans of this type of erotic art. The femdom artworks especially in Femdom Chronicles I really thought were superb. With access to the GoldXPass network of smaller BDSM artwork sites, there's enough here for the BDSM art lover to feel satisfied with his purchase, if you can get past the somewhat cumbersome navigation of it all. I'd only wish that Darkest Comics would have even token monthly updates.

Click here to visit Darkest Comics, and hey, let me know what YOU think! E-mail me (comixfan at adultcomicslover dot com) with your review and I'll consider posting it here.

Posted: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 01:34:42 -0500

3D Adult Comics - new interesting and exciting 3d adult comics blog with potential?

Greetings to my fellow adult comics fanatics,

Well I've started up another adult comics blog, this time one focusing on the 3D Adult Comics niche. It is the most originally-named site on the Internet - I have called it 3D Adult Comics!

Definitely a fun blog for me to work on, this one has been too but the 3D adult comics niche is one I REALLY enjoy in particular. Mostly this is due to a site I've gone on about a fair amount here called Crazy XXX 3D World. I've had access to the members' area of Crazy XXX 3D World on and off over the years and the 3d artworks and stories there are OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD good! (Never mind the tour pages which haven't changed in years. Once you get inside... YESSSS!)

I also discovered back in March of this year another great site in the 3D adult comics niche called Heroines in Peril Comix or better known as H.I.P. Comix. VERY COOL site for 3D adult comics fans, I like to call it an artists' website with their collected 3d erotic artworks, past and current (actually H.I.P. Comix has been online for three years now). The theme of the site is Superheroines in Peril-ous situations... Superheroines with incredible super-stacked bodies naturally and evil villians with big cocks and pussy-torturing devices and... well... obviously it's a theme that's gonna be REALLY FUN for adult comics fans. Just check some of their issue covers on the top of the right sidebar here.

So my new blog at 3D Adult Comics will for now have galleries from Crazy XXX 3D World plus stuff from H.I.P. Comix - updates, issue covers, and I'm not sure what else at the moment. I've come into contact with some of the H.I.P. Comix artists so I may have some behind-the-scenes stuff to post - interviews perhaps, artist thoughts on the work they've done - we shall see (this is where the interesting and exciting... potential part of the headline comes in).

So visit 3D Adult Comics and check out what's happenin'.

Posted: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 06:52:40 -0500

Two adult comics stories from Comixxx Archive - 'Funair' Airlines and a lesbian sex comics story

Hey there adult comics fan,

Quick gallery post here featuring some sample frames from two adult comics stories from one of the best adult comics sources on the Internet, Comixxx Archive.

Comixxx Archive as many of you should know is a HUGE adult comics repository site containing literally THOUSANDS of adult comics with an extremely wide variety of adult artworks, from BDSM erotic arts, to xxx hentai, to adult comics series, 3d stuff, perverted cartoons and lots of funny and dirty erotic comics.

Surfers visiting from this site have been staying for many months inside the Comixxx Archive members' area - if you LOVE READING ADULT COMICS take a look at Comixxx Archive for yourself - the site is freaking HUGE and they are adding new comixxx every day - the stories and drawings are awesome and there are just endless hot & horny comics to read and tickle your funny bone while raising your other bone at the same time!

The first story here in this sample gallery is a funny little comic showing the antics of the airline crew of 'Funair Airlines'. There's no first-class or economy-class seating on THIS plane - it's all FULL-SERVICE if you know what I mean!

Second is a lesbian sex comics story featuring three rather chesty babes enjoying a little lesbian lovemaking. Seems though they are being watched by a fourth who masturbates herself secretly, but will her moans of pleasure give her away?

Click here to read these sample adult comics stories, then get inside Comixxx Archive for a hell of a lot more!
Lesbian sex comics
Samples from two adult comics stories from Comixxx Archive

Posted: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 18:56:38 -0500

New 3d gay adult comics blog - Gay Comics Lover

Hi fellow adult comics fans!

Sorry for not posting for so long, and thanks very much for visiting my little adult comics site. I just wanted to take one post to give you a headsup, for lovers of funny and sex adult comics, about my new gay sex comics blog at Gay Comics Lover.

Most of the sample galleries there are from a most excellent 3d gay comics site called 3D Gay World which as some of you might know is made by the same company who produces (by far) the best adult comics site on the Internet, Crazy XXX 3D World.

Like Crazy XXX 3D World, there are some extremely talented artists and storywriters inside 3D Gay World. I personally am not gay but the artworks and stories are so creative, well-drawn and funny as hell that I find I still enjoy and am aroused by these 3d gay comics!

So, gay or not, I invite you to have a look at my new blog at Gay Comics Lover and take a peek at some of the comics there. Funny-ass shit, and hot and horny as well!

Posted: Thu, 1 Nov 2007 18:05:32 -0500

Hardcore sex comics site


Long time no post. I've been discovering LOTS of new comics sites out there - many of which have EXCLUSIVE COMICS CONTENT which is really a pleasant surprise! What's here for you today is a small free site containing colorful hardcore sex drawings that I found really quite arousing.

I made the free site myself and it's called 'XXX Sex Comics' which pretty much sums up the picture content. Quite a few anal sex comics, some lesbian sex comics and mostly drawings of straight hardcore fucking. The drawings (it's perhaps a bit of a stretch to call them 'comics' as there's no text involved - at least that's what I think of when I hear the word 'comics') are of a VERY high quality and although the samples are a bit on the small side (500px) they're really quite enjoyable.

I got the samples from a 'new' XXX comics site called Lust Comics, an adult artwork site whose artists have a definite talent for hardcore sex drawings. The stuff they have is REALLY WELL DRAWN looking close to photo-realistic while at the same time having artistic cartoon colorations which are very pleasing to look at.

The banner to the right gives a small taste of the artwork. That is some freaking hot stuff!
Enter Lust Comics
Visit Lust Comics to see very high-quality hardcore sex comics

If you get a members' pass to Lust Comics it also includes access to 4 other adult artwork sites from this program's network. I haven't been inside the members' areas of these sites yet (may have to ask for a pass) but the stuff they have looks REALLY REALLY good. The sites included are:,, and a couple more cartoon sex sites. Evil Comics looks similar to Lust Comics but with a more fetish-oriented focus with BDSM-type erotic sex drawings. Hentai Mania looks like it has a LOT of original material with more 'traditional' hentai artwork. The other cartoon sites (one of which I'll be making a site for shortly) ALSO look good and ALSO feature the works of exclusive erotic artists. Good stuff!

If you like high-quality erotic artworks including hardcore sex drawings, BDSM sex and cartoon sex comics you might want to check these sites out!

Here's the free site: XXX Sex Comics. Pretty damn nice artworks there, I hand-picked the samples myself!

Posted: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 16:07:47 -0500

Celebrity nude cartoons from Free Sinful Comics

Hey adult comics fans,

Well I changed my mind (sort of) on the whole 'nude celebrity cartoons' thing. If it were myself being a subject of these nude drawings I wouldn't be the least bit offended. Heck most of these cartoon drawings are very flattering to the ladies! And from a sheerly artistic point of view (and for us fans of adult comics) - these nude drawings are VERY well-done!

For example check that banner to the right there. That is seriously freaking hot! I guess that would be Jessica Alba, right?FREE SINFUL COMICS!
See the HOTTEST nude celebrity cartoons at Free Sinful Comics!

Click here for a gallery of nude celebrity cartoons
Free Celebrity nude cartoon drawings from Free Sinful Comics
Or look at the image to the left. That would be Penelope Cruz in a damn sexy outfit. Fine erotic artwork that is, don't you agree?

Anyways if you click here or on the pic to the left you can view a sample gallery of mixed nude celebrity cartoon images which are both very well-drawn and seriously hot!

Posted: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 05:39:21 -0500

Free Sinful Comics new free celeb toons wallpapers

Hey there comix freaks!

Another cool comixxx site for you to check out, it's a totally free celeb toons site called Free Sinful Comics. I hadn't heard of this site AT ALL until about a week ago, 'til one of their sexy banners caught my eye while I was surfing around some other adult comics sites.

Anyways they've added a cool new promotion fairly recently giving away some very artistic, sexy drawings of some of the hottest actresses in show business. Here are some small images of those free wallpapers, the links go right to the wallpaper tour at Free Sinful Comics where you can download these puppies if you like:

Posted: Sunday 25th March 2007, 5:50 PM

Jag27's 3d comics series 'Six Gun Sisters'

Hello fellow comixxx freaks!

As promised in an earlier post I have here about 30 images from the quite large adult comics series 'Six Gun Sisters' by none other than Jag27! If you haven't heard of Jag27 then you really should have a look at the free site featured in this post and get a taste of the quality of his work as he may be the most requested and prolific 3d erotic artist on the Internet!

The guy is just a machine and his stories are just really, really cool. Not to mention twisted, perverted and sexy! His body of work is astounding and includes dozens of VERY high-quality 3d adult comics which can ALL be found inside what I regard (and the members' of that site agree with me also) as the best 3d adult comics site on the 'Net, Crazy XXX 3D World.

If you're a fan of adult comics and 3d adult comics in particular then you GOTTA check out Crazy XXX 3D World. The site is just HUGE and I really enjoyed my time there and there are so many awesome comixxx series there it's incredible. To be honest I could go on and on about both Jag27 and Crazy XXX 3D World as I consider both to be among the best if not the best in their fields! When you've finished reading the series below damn man visit Crazy XXX 3d World, and read and start getting off to the gazillion XXX comics there, you will freaking love it!

Enter 3d XXX Comics
Visit for samples from the 'Six Gun Sisters' series by Jag27
This free site called 3d XXX Comics was created by myself and contains 30 images from the 'Six Gun Sisters' series by Jag27. Great stuff! Click here to start enjoying the series and for a taste of the erotic artwork and story from a highly talented artist, then dammit man get inside Crazy XXX 3D World or I'll kick ya in the shins! (Joking of course!)

Posted: Thursday 15th March 2007, 4:34 PM

Truly sick comic strip from Comixxx Archive featuring sex, horror and gore!

Um yeah, don't read this one before lunch! This little horror comic story comes to you from deep, DEEP within the vaults of Comixxx Archive where I hope they bury it forever! Just kidding, but I had no idea when I started reading it that it would turn out to be a sex horror tale, I was just looking for a few laughs!

The title of the story is 'Meat' or 'The Secret Life of Alfred H.' and it tells the tale of a guy who combines the two hobbies in his life, cooking and erotic photography. Think carefully now, can you think where this might lead?

Click here to read this truly sick comic! Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll grab a bite to eat.
Sick horror sex comic strip
'Meat' or 'The Secret Life of Alfred H.'

Posted: Thursday 8th March 2007, 6:36 AM

James Lemay sex-filled adult comics - free site with 20 comixxx images

Hey fellow comixxx freaks,

Here's a free site I recently made showcasing the fantastic artwork (and stories) of talented erotic comics artist James Lemay. Much more of his collection can be seen inside Adult Comics Club - I'm not sure if they have his entire library of work or not.

Sex-Filled Comics
'Sex-Filled Comics' by James Lemay
Small screenie to the left there of one of the galleries. Unfortunately on one of the comics frames the text gets unreadable due to the image compression (picture 7).

The site itself contains three of his comics miniseries, 'Cat Burglar', 'Devilish Charm' and 'Monster Hunter Vol.2'. Funny shit, and very sexy drawings!

Click here to enjoy samples of James Lemay's most excellent sexual artwork.

Posted: Tuesday 6th March 2007, 8:35 PM

Adult Comics Club - one of the best adult comics sites on the Internet

Hey fellow comix fans,

Well I've just finished making a free site using images from one of the best adult comics sites on the Internet called Adult Comics Club, and thought I'd make a post about this mega-awesome comics/cartoon, hentai and manga mega-site (I'll post my freesite later). You guys heard of it before? I hadn't until a few weeks ago until I stumbled across it while searching some adult comics & cartoons links sites.

Adult Comics Club is AWESOME, and I know because I've been given a full member pass by the owner of the site. I haven't had TOO much time to absorb it all, but just at first glance there's a HUGE European adult comics section (32 pages of comics series with 25-30 XXX comics per page!) a very large manga section (21 pages) plus many pages of CG galleries and doujins (those are like 'fanfics' in case you didn't know). All in all there are over 200,000 (!) sex-filled comics pages to read! Most of it seems to be of the hardcore variety as I guess this is what the owner of A.C.C. likes to collect best. I have a few images sprinkled around here as examples of this, but here are a few more:

'Cinderella' by Alvaro & Sala
'Cinderella' by Alvaro & Sala
'Kalimastro' by Ferocius
'Kalimastro' by Ferocious
'Lady Blue' by James Lemay
'Lady Blue' by James Lemay

The quality of the artwork at Adult Comics Club is VERY high. I was also pleasantly surprised to find the storylines to be of a similarly high standard - very enjoyable stuff to read! If I had to sum up the adult comics series I've found on this site in a few words I'd say, stylish, high-quality, arousing, entertaining, and totally sex-filled!

I was also surprised to see a MASSIVE anime videos section with probably something like 200 full DVD titles each one around a half-hour in length. Don't usually find this stuff on a comix site but there you go. I haven't had time to watch any of 'em yet but they look to be of a similar high standard as the rest of the site.

Well I may make a more thorough review of Adult Comics Club later on when I get more time to explore it all. Definitely looks like a winner to me, and I believe if you're a fan of high-quality and sex-filled adult comics, you will most likely enjoy it.

Posted: Sunday 4th March 2007, 1:25 AM

Superheroines in Adult Situations, or Heroines in Peril - HIP 3d Comix!

Attention fellow comix lovers,

Kewl site I just found. Really it's a site for true comix aficianados called HIP Comix. (The H.I.P. stands for 'Heroines in Peril'.) Neat sexy site that I highly recommend you check out.

Their free area is HUGE and shows the "mag covers" of all the stuff the group of artists on this site has created over the past couple of years. There's a lot there! A true fan site, these guys post their stuff four times a week with different artists (Sturkwurks, Uroboros, Jpeger, Bukanan, Timo and Dose) unveiling their latest 3d artworks and stories, with many guest artists contributing as well.

The quality of these works is very very high, rivalling or even surpassing stuff on some of other, bigger 3d comix paysites I've found (you won't see any of those sites here, mind you.) I'll bet you this site gets pretty big over the next few years, have a look at some of these covers:

That's some fine shit as you can see. Good stuff all around and there's a LOT to see here, even some tutorials from some of the better-known artists on how to draw your own images. Go HIP Comix! To fans of cool and sexy 3d artworks, I highly recommend you check this site out.

Posted: Friday 2nd March 2007, 1:24 PM

Illustrated 3d story of female domination - erotic BDSM artwork

Hiya folks,

Another sexy BDSM artworks gallery for you here, this time from another new site for me called Femdom Chronicles. If this gallery is anything to go by Femdom Chronicles promises to be a site that will REALLY excite fans of erotic BDSM 'comic' art.

3d BDSM comics
'Deviless Whims' - Erotic 3d drawings of female domination
The gallery itself is almost as impressive as the pictures. There's only five images here but I'd be surprised if your interest isn't piqued by the end of them.

That is some FINE 3d erotic artwork! Click here to check out this brief illustrated story of female domination.

Posted: Wednesday 28th February 2007, 1:57 AM

Excellent sex story from an adult comics publication, courtesy Comixxx Archive

Hey guys,

Another great adult comic strip for you, and this time it's one of some length. The story is arousing and interesting, even without there being any sex in it!

Don't be put off by the somewhat 'old-school' drawings and the out-of-date text - no bubbles were used when this adult comic was printed. (Whether that means it was published long ago or there was so much story and dialogue that it wouldn't fit in text-bubbles, I'm not sure.)

Sex story from an adult comics book
'Mother' disciplines her son-in-law lover
Briefly, a story synopsis. A 20-year-old naive and cocky son has a sexual history with his mother-in-law. When he jealously confronts her in front of his father, she decides it best to take matters into her own skilled hands. When they get back to his room, he cockily assumes they'll be making love once more. Little did he know she had other plans...

Click here to enjoy a sex story from an older adult comics publication, and thanks once again to Comixxx Archive for a very sexy comic.

Posted: Tuesday 27th February 2007, 3:19 AM

"Long Weekend" by Malegaze - erotic art comics

Hi guys,

A small gallery of adult comics samples here for you, this time featuring the coarse but very sexy artwork of relatively unknown erotic artist Malegaze. The little comic is titled "Long Weekend" and tells a small tale of a woman who prepares a sexy treat for her boyfriend only to find another visitor has come.

Unfortunately the beautiful, well-endowed woman has tied herself to the bed and the intruder is more than happy to have his way with her...

Click here to enjoy this little sexy strip, and thanks to Comixxx Archive for the gallery!
'Long Weekend' - erotic art by Malegaze
'Long Weekend' - erotic art by Malegaze

Posted: Monday 26th February 2007, 11:43 PM

Chilling b/w bdsm erotic drawings courtesy Fetish Artworks

Hi guys,

Wow. Got an excellent gallery of BDSM black-and-white drawings for you of a downright chilling nature. Not chilling as in 'gory' or 'gruesome', what I mean is, looking at this stuff definitely sends shivers up my spine!

This BDSM comics gallery comes to you from a site I've not heard too much about, but it sure looks good at first glance. It's called Fetish Artworks and they sure talk a mean line, saying "Art drawing and images, flash toons and comics series, shocking BDSM scenes with mercy and tenderness proving to be the last things that matter here!"

Well I've have to ask for a temporary membership pass and see what they're all about. If this gallery is any indication then I'm inclined to think Fetish Artworks is probably gonna be pretty good! The artist who drew these pictures has a very unique style, with some very very surreal images, eerie facial expressions and interesting use of shadow. And some downright TORTUROUS images.

MAN! Shivers! How do you feel looking at these images?
Chilling BDSM erotic drawings
Gallery of B/W erotic BDSM drawings from 'Fetish Artworks'

Posted: Monday 26th February 2007, 8:35 AM

Sex comic heroes and heroines fucking and sucking in a sex-filled comics gallery

Quick gallery here for you from deep in the archives of one of the biggest adult comics sources on the 'Net, ComixxxArchive. The drawings here are quite good, and the 'sex comic heroes and heroines' are well-hung and muscled, or tight-bodied and super-stacked!

There doesn't seem to be much in the way of story here, at least not apparent in this series of pics. There seems to be two factions who are on the verge of war, and a 'mutant' boss and his henchwoman confer in his office. In about two frames she is licking his balls and cock. ;)

A team from the other faction looks on outside meanwhile, perhaps to infiltrate the building. But the members cannot keep their eyes off each others' perfect bodies... and soon they are all fucking and sucking each other too. I think both factions manage to cum at the same time!

Well they can't all be epic written masterpieces. Click here for a sex-filled gallery of xxx comic images, then check out ComixxxArchive for 1000s more!
sex-filled comics gallery
Sex comic heroes and heroines fucking

Posted: Monday 26th February 2007, 12:45 AM

Black and white H anime manga gallery, Japanese strip translated to English

Hey guys,

Nice little Japanese H manga for you, or at least a part of one. We don't quite get the whole story aside from the brutal sex scene with the outrageously stacked and gorgeous protagonist. The characters are drawn in the traditional anime-style.

The busty detective in 'Detective in Danger'
B/W H manga gallery from 'Detective in Danger'
Here in this scene our busty detective seems to barge in on some 'mafia' members who hold a pretty anime girl hostage. Seems the detective must use her own body in exchange for the hostage...

Click here to enjoy this little black-and-white manga, and thanks to Manga HQ for the gallery!

Posted: Saturday 24th February 2007, 10:58 PM

High-quality erotic BDSM/slave drawings courtesy 'Darkest Comics'

Hey guys,

More cool shit for you, especially if you're into BDSM-type comic strips. Have you guys heard of the site 'Darkest Comics'? It's an awesome site even if you're not into the BDSM-slave stuff and are just a fan of good erotic artwork.

The style at Darkest Comics is much more of U.S. or European artists rather than Japanese, 'anime'-style bondage drawings (for that you should visit a site called '' instead). The comics series at Darkest Comics are of an exceedingly high quality and are (as far as I know) 100% exclusive to that site, featuring some of the best bondage artists on the Web, generally focusing on male domination and female submission (especially check the stuff by the artist 'Hines'. Just incredible!).

The sensations you feel reading erotic BDSM comics and stories are definitely unique. I got tingly feelings up my spine at some of the series I read there!

BDSM/slave comics samples
"Slut 2nd Class" - samples of BDSM/slave erotic artistry
If you check this gallery the quality of the gallery itself is immediately apparent. Unfortunately there are only five images in this gallery but it does give a good idea of the kind of stuff you get inside 'Darkest Comics'.

Got chills up your spine yet? Click here for a few BDSM drawings and a little taste of top-notch BDSM/slave erotic comic artistry.

Posted: Friday 23rd February 2007, 11:52 PM

HIPComix 'Double Creature Feature' - Pink Pussycat and Friend by FINISTER

Superheroine Squad Twisted Tales II Part 5 by DOC ROBO and BADABOOM

Circus Maximus Issue 4, 'Gladiator Princess' by BADABOOM

Get Inside
H.I.P. Comix!

Original & Creative Superheroine Fantasy Adult Comics

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"Long Weekend" by Malegaze - erotic art comics

Chilling b/w bdsm erotic drawings courtesy Fetish Artworks

Sex comic heroes and heroines fucking and sucking in a sex-filled comics gallery

Black and white H anime manga gallery, Japanese strip translated to English

High-quality erotic BDSM/slave drawings courtesy 'Darkest Comics'

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